Saturday, 1 February 2014

SMASHBOX - Full Exposure Palette - Check out the shades!

I have a new blog over at Wordpress called COLOUR OF MY KISS - while I won't be getting rid of UNAPOLOGETIC I am hoping that they will run alongside one another.  So if you want more shots of the palette and hear about how its made up, whats in it and what I think please head over here:

This blog will focus on each of the shades individually - while the top row - which is glittery and shimmery is not as pigmented, it does apply better with a brush, and better still with a damp brush - i use MUA pro setting spray, this helps the shade perform better, adhere better and just last a lot longer on the eye.

So here we go.... first this is what the palette looks like

Now lets break it down - lets start with the top row - the SHIMMERS/GLITTERS

This is a very richly pigmented milk chocolate glitter colour, one of the best pigmented shades from the top row.

This one almost has a caramel shade to it, decent pigmentation and colour payoff - very pretty.

This is my least favourite colour, its a yellow gold colour - and i am not a fan of yellow golds.  This has a nice colour payoff but isnt too strong.

This one is a shimmer, and the only shade without glitter in it - it looks ivory but has a champagne shimmer about it, its very pretty and will look great on the brow bone and/or inner eye.

This is a cool toned gold, much more my thing, the glitters in it are more of a true gold and this shade is not very pigmented at all, the glitter bits are more visible than the colour but with water i think this one will perform better.

This is another cool toned colour, a silvery grey with silver shimmers - poor in pigmentation colour wise, but with water may perform better.

This is a dark charcoal grey with glitter, it has lovely pigmentation and will perform amazingly wet because it already has great pigmentation and I can see me using this a lot.

So now, lets move on to the bottom row, the MATTES

This is a gorgeous matte warm toned milk chocolate colour - nicely pigmented and will look great in the crease with its partner above it on the lid.

Here is the caramel glitters partner in crime, a perfect caramel colour that I will use a lot for crease work, very pretty, warm toned and I would normally go cool toned in the crease, but this is gorgeous.

This almost has a peach tone to it, its a lovely almondy sort of colour - pretty and nicely pigmented, something I haven't already got in my collection so I love this one.

This is a lovely ivory matte shade, less champagne than its glittery counter-part and great for an all over lid colour, blender for us pale girls or a matte highlight for the brow.  Super pigmented and soft.

First of the cool tones, this is nicely pigmented but not a strong colour - its nice that as we reach the cool tones they didnt feel the need to make them super dark to make a colour graduation - this is a nice light colour that will look amazing in the crease and I will use it a lot even if I use it alongside other palettes.

A lovely rich dark milk chocolate, buttery and pigmented and I cannot wait to wear this.  I could see this flipping well and being a lid colour with the glitter as the crease colour.

For all this picture makes the colour look quite grey, this is actually a very pigmented black - it is a matte but glitter from the top can fall in to it and show up when you swatch it.  I love this and can't wait to use it.

The shimmers swatched

The mattes swatched

Watch out for a review on my youtube channel soon and some tutorials and GRWMs, and dont forget to check out my other blog for a detailed look at the palette and read what my first thoughts are xx

Saturday, 11 January 2014

MAC Punk Couture Lipstick Haul (comparison and swatches)

I was very excited for the latest of MACs collections, if not a little disappointed with its timing, and I missed out on all the lipsticks i wanted when it went on sale early - however, i was lucky enough to find it on Selfridges website and was able to get what I wanted.  

I was looking forward to this collection as i am a huge fan of vampy lipsticks and in particular purple lipsticks and this collection did not disappoint.

I got 3 of the 4 as the black lipstick Hautecoure was ordered for me by my friend in America when it came out on Black Friday, so i am currently awaiting that dropping through my door.

But enough talking, and lets get to the lipsticks.....


Punk Couture the collections namesake is a beautiful true bright purple colour, its so vampy and incredibly eye catching on.  Its lighter than smoked purple, is a matte so doesn't have the frost of Violetta and is not as bright as Heroine - in short it's definitely something new to my collection.  I got 2 of these because i knew that this was going to be one of my favourites - I so love a purple lip.

This glides on so well, wasn't patchy on me at all and felt creamy and soft on the lips.  It lasted at least 4 hours on the lips and left something of a berry stain on them.  It also had a slight sheen to it, so not a complete matte finish.  I love it!!  Below are some comparison swatches of some of my other purple lipsticks so you can see the difference.

As you can see I really have nothing quite like it, nothing as deep or as jewel toned.  (These are all MAC lipsticks)


Hello, Lady Gaga, this instantly made me think of the Bad Romance song, and this is such a gorgeous colour.  A deep true red wine colour, and somewhat different to my latest deep reds, darker than Viva Glam 1 and brighter than some of my other matte dark reds.  Check out the comparison photo beneath these images to see the differences - some may be subtle, but i love how studded kiss looks.

This also glided on well, was creamy, long lasting and i loved the colour!  It had a slight sheen to it and looked very glam - i do love a deep dark red lippy!

As you can see with most reds there are always similarities, its not so easy to do a different red as it is a very different purple.  For me fixed on drama comes the closest but on the lips is darker than studded kiss and more matte, and hang up is fairly similar to if not a little more berry toned.  (These are all MAC lipsticks).

The last and my surprising favourite...


Wow, this one blew my mind, different to anything else i own and Im not sure what to compare it to - Instigator is the darkest of the collection and a true deep matte plum.  It is gorgeous!  I got 2 of these as well and so glad I did because this one is going to be a firm favourite of mine.  

This one was the driest of the three but was still creamy and didn't drag at all, thought it did take a little more work to get even on the lips - probably because it is so dark, but that said the end result is amazing.  Its dark, dramatic and the perfect dark plum colour, its an amazing, perfect, and perhaps my fave purple lip I own.  This stained my lips more than the others, and definitely left a berry hued stain on my lips, it came off with a face  wash and some makeup remover, but it did stain.

Not much in my collection to compare this to, deep plums are somewhat new to me, but i feel MAC may be releasing more - they are gorgeous.  

Not much in my collection to compare here, all I had that was remotely plummy was Rihannas Talk that talk, but it was still more raspberry toned than Instigator - so for me Instigator is a stand alone shade in my collection and one I don't already own something similar to.

So there you have it, once I receive Hautecoure I will do another blog post to show you that, including a comparison to the black lipmix and Black Knight (a previous Black Friday MAC special lipstick)

Hope you have enjoyed this blogpost, and if you did check out my video via the link below for swatches, lip applications and a close up look at the lipsticks.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember, your opinion is yours, stand by your thoughts and feelings and be UNAPOLOGETIC xxxx

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Is it better to be Single when it comes to eyeshadows?

So, there I was sat at my desk gazing at my new palette and looking at my shelves to decide how to re-arrange them and I got to wondering, is it better to have a palette with a plethora of shades to choose from or is it better to just be single (as in single eyeshadows).  Yes, as you can tell I was channeling some Carrie Bradshaw when I decided to write this blog today.

What it comes down to is i have a tiny little box of single eyeshadows (excluding MAC, Sugarpill, Illamasqua and Dainty Doll) and I have quite a growing collection of palettes, and I got to thinking about why I prefer one to the other, here are my conclusions.

Single Eyeshadows

1. Single eyeshadows make me lazy - I pick out a colour but then i dont want to rake through a ton of others to find others to go with it.

2. Single eyeshadows take up a lot of space, storing them is a pain - they are different shapes and sizes and just dont play well in a drawer with each other - and theres nothing more i hate than lots of makeup just jumbled up together..

3. Single eyeshadows are too much hard work, if i had all the colours i have in palettes as single eyeshadows i would be up to my ears in them and would never find what i want.

4. Single eyeshadows can sometimes be a little pricey - why pay a fiver for one when i can get 12 for £8 from Sleek


Im really not a single eyeshadow kind of girl - I used to be, but the endless raking and poor storage really did annoy me, now i just have a little box of them that are unique colours i didnt have in a palette.  Other than that i have MAC, Sugarpill, Illamasqua and Dainty doll that didnt come in a palette and i just love anyway.


1. Palettes are easy to store, mine are on a shelf like books and are accessible and take up little space, they do play well together for the most part and are therefore easier to store collectively.

2. Palettes make me more creative, when i open a palette i never just put one colour from it on, I browse the shades and always wear at least 2 or 3.

3. Palettes give you choice, you experiment with colours you may not normally have worn and you expand your skills by playing around with colour.

4. Palettes are great value - you get a lot of colour choices for a great price, you couldnt buy all those colours in single format for the same price.  (Not even the Poundshop has that many colours on sale).

5. Palettes are pretty to look at.

6. Palettes are handy to carry, you can get several looks from one and dont have to carry lots of little singles that take up room and can get damaged rattling around in your bag.

7. Palettes come with space for a brush (in most cases) and a mirror (more often than not) - makeup on the go - should you need it.


Im really a palette girl and pretty much always have been, i love that they are easy to store and that i can pick one out and create a whole eye look with several colours from it without having to rake about in drawers or plan ahead.  Easy, convernient, take up less space and definitely increase my creativitiy.

What do you think?  What do you prefer?

Remember the name of this blog is UNAPOLOGETIC, I am honest always, you may not always agree, but its good to hear every side of the story.


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Wonderland Wig - Perry Wig Review

Want to do something wild with your hair but dont want to take the hair dye leap.  Would love to wear a wig but they look fake and make you itch?

You havent tried Wonderland Wigs!!

I added a hair bow to my wig to give it that more natural look and to just take away from the whole shock of the colour.  Plus i think a hairband goes well with the style of the cut of the wig.

The style is very 50s rock and roll and i love the length which is just past shoulder length, with lovely soft curls at the ends.  I also like that it has a heavy fringe, because i prefer a fringe it suits my face.  The wig is very soft and has lovely movement, and has a very real feel and look to it.

Of course this wig was inspired by Katy Perry there is no missing that.  Its an iconic look of hers, but is also a classic style so you dont have to be a Katy fan to truly appreciate it.

Most of the wigs on the site are designed by one of the owners of the site Sam, she designs and has the wigs created herself and they really are very unique.  I love the inner cap inside the wig as it is a very open mesh sort of design which allows air to flow through and therefore be less itchy on the scalp.  It has a tag sewn in so there is no denying where its from and the quality is highly impressive.

They offer many variations on delivery including next day and their wigs arrive packaged well in discreet packaging.

The site boasts a huge variety of wigs in lots of colours, natural and the not so, and theres a style to suit everyone.  They even have ombre hair which is huge right now.  Also on their are hair pieces, extensions, eyelashes and accessories so make sure you have a good browse.

The other great thing about the site is the wealth of information on how to care for your wig.  Important if you've never really had a wig before, and not such a high quality one.

Check out Wonderland Wigs at the link below and use the code GREATHAIR at the checkout to get 10% off your order.

Now if i fancy a change in colour i can go from my usual red to this amazing blue, i felt very confident in it and got a lot of comments and attention, which is fine because you know me, i love to stand out from the crowd.

Want to see more?  Check out my review of the wig at the video link below.  Also on my channel are videos of me applying the makeup that the wig inspired and a vlog when I wore this for a day out shopping and dog walking.

Remember, my blog is called Unapologetic, you might not always agree, but its always good to hear both sides to any story xx

Ta Ta for now xx

Saturday, 1 June 2013

MAC Eyeshadow Collection Swatches (Requested) Single Shadows

As requested here are the swatches of all my standard size single eyeshadows:

So these are the first 9 shadows and now here they are closer up:

Moonflower, Clarity, Blue Flame, Gulf Stream
Cool Heat, Stormwatch, Parrot, Blue Candy, Vile Violet

And now for the next 9 colours

Haunting, Zonk Bleu, Feeling Fresh, Robins Egg, Aqua

Jewel Blue, Warm Chill, Shimmermoss, Lagoon Blue

I hope that you have enjoyed this, as you can see I just love my blues, greens, teals and aquas, they look similar to look at but swatch very differently.  

Next week watch out for the electric cool shadows and the large shadows from my collection.

And remember, my blog is called UNAPOLOGETIC, you might not always agree, but its always best to hear both sides of every story xx 

MAC Eyeshadow Swatches (Requested) Duos and Quads

So I recently filmed a MAC eyeshadow collection video, if you didnt see that then you can watch it below:

From there I was requested to do swatches of my collection and so here is installment one - duos and quads, next will be the singles (standard size) then next week the electric cool, paint pots, chromaline, and large shadows, ending with the pigments.

So, here we go....


So now on to the 2 quads

The first one is one I put together myself and I call this my monochrome palette

Scene, Black Tied, Crystal white and Carbon
The next quad is called Colour Added

Laundry Daze, Colour Added, Pre-packaged, Self-serve
I love, love, love this quad, I got this on ebay and if you get a chance you should pick it up if you like a bit of colour, the white and grey are not amazing, that said, the white is a lovely brow bone highlight. But the teal and yellow are just amazing together and Ive used this quite a lot since I got it.

So now on to the Duos:

Blue Smoke and Silverwear
This duo is lovely, the silver is very sheer but is a lovely brow bone and inner eye highlight, the blue is amazing, its very deep and smoky and has lovely golden glitter particles infused in it.

The silver colour does not swatch or photo to full justice, it has a crystal lilac/blue sheen thats really pretty, and although the blue is quite sheer it really is pretty.

I love this duo its incredible, the teal across the lid and the smoky grey in the crease are just a perfect partnership  The grey has a lovely shimmer to it and i love how the matte of the teal colour works so well with it.

Both of these shadows have a matte finish, this teal is a lot brighter than the duo before and these work beautifully together in partnership to.  I have worn the teal on the lid and brown in the crease and love how it looks.  I would highly recommend this.

I got this duo for the beautiful wine colour, both colours have a lovely shimmer to them and though Im not a fan of yellow gold colours I do love this gold and have used these together, you can check out the golden wine tutorial on my channel to see them in action.

I initially got this duo for this teal, it has a lovely shimmer to it that takes its darkness to a different level and adds light to the surface.  But, I love the mustard colour so much, its a lovely browny mustard that works so well with the teal, another perfect partnership and i just love it when these duos offer 2 amazing colours that work so well and are as lovely as each other.

So, thats it for the duos and quads, watch out for the single standard size shadows next.....

And remember, the name of this blog is UNAPOLOGETIC, I will be honest with you always, you might not always agree, but its always best to hear both sides of the story xx
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